December 27, 2010

Paul Krugman on Commodity Prices

I regularly read newspapers to keep up with world news and look for clues heralding potential changes in prices of stocks or commodities. Every Morning I read the NY Times from front to back. Today, I came across a great NY Times article by Economist Paul Krugman on the recent Changes in Commodity prices. I watch Commodity prices closely and found this article closely corresponds with my observations. Mr. Krugman provides perspective in this regard. See his article at: NY Times Article

December 21, 2010

Stock Market Analysis - Part 1

Stock Market Analysis - Part 2

World Stock Markets Discovery

A major discovery of mine, relates to the "synchronicity" of world stock markets. Every morning, I get up and watch several lists of companies I've selected, grouped into 20 per list. Using my online brokerage account, I watch these stocks along with the major U.S. Indexes: the Nasdaq, Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 Index. When a stock price of a company I'm watching that day goes up, it flashes green on the list, when its price goes down, it flashes red. Over months, I observed times when nearly all 20 companies on my watch list flashed green or red simultaneously, a quick glance at the major indexes during those moments, revealed they moved up or down; mirroring the collective action.

It didn't matter what list I chose, the phenomenon was the same. Observing this consistently, I thought of a river flowing but instead of water, these currents were generated by flows of buying and selling (Money moving in and out of stocks). I wondered about the broader implications of this collective action. What impact (if any) did it make over several days, months, years or even on other major indexes? I was pleasantly surprised and unprepared for what I discovered. I created a power point presentation to show what I found, and will now share it with you. It is the next posts entitled, "Stock Market Analysis"

December 18, 2010

Stock Market Trader Introduction

I'm a Stock Market Trader whose ready to share the knowledge and experiences I've gained and developed over the years. The journey I've undertaken to learn, understand, and successfully trade in the Stock Market has been long, challenging, and sometimes difficult but also personally gratifying and ultimately rewarding

. There are many valuable insights I've learned along the way (and will continue to learn far into the future). By sharing them, it's my hope they may serve to educate, inform, and assist you in becoming a better Stock Market Trader.