January 21, 2011

Jesse Livermore, Wise Trader from History

As you probably have seen by now if you've checked out my other posts, I am a devotee of certain principles of stock trading that can largely be attributed to Jesse Livermore, one of the greatest traders the world has ever seen. I knew that Mr. Livermore studied psychology, that he was an avid reader, and that his stock market operations were often conducted in absolute secrecy. I see this guy as a trading master and have studied him very closely. Many of the books on investing that I've read, often describe the same things Jesse does, except Jesse described them first! Below is a quote to make you think as it did for me the first time I read it.

“You will derive from successful trades based on your own judgment a singular pleasure and satisfaction. You will discover that profits made in this way are immensely more gratifying than any which could possibly come from the tips or guidance of someone else.”
- Jesse Livermore

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