January 29, 2011

1929 Crash of Market

It has been said that studying History is a great way to learn about the present. That we are able to evaluate and learn from our mistakes. However, there have been other market crashes since, as experienced in 2008-2009. The stock market draws in the public to trade and invest in stocks. It is vitally important to have a general understanding on subjects such as economics, statistics, and supply and demand principles. Society can learn a lot by studying the Crash of 1929. How exuberance can lead to irrational heights of stock market level, and when the fall comes, it is steep and unforgiving!

I just finished writing the Great Depression section of my website I'm putting together: www.Investing-for-Beginner.org It was very interesting research and well worth the time and effort. Anyone interested in history should check it out:

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