January 4, 2011

MetroPCS up more than 6% today

MetroPCS (PCS) was up 6.50% today to close at $13.92. I have been watching the performance of this particular stock for the past six months or so (I made some $$ on their IPO several years ago, but that is another story :)

On November 23rd 2010, I methodically went through every company in the S&P500. I sorted out the best performers year to date and organized them. The objective was two-fold. One - I wanted to find out which companies were leading and two - I wanted to identify the leading Industries. Remarkably, MetroPCS and Quest Communications came in places 12th and 13th of all the S&P500 companies. At the time, PCS was at $12.19. Although going through the S&P500 list was tedious and time consuming, it was well worth it as I was able to extract the information I was looking for: Which Industries were leading and which companies within those industries were showing strong results.... The Communications Services Industry was leading and after today's gains in PCS, it looks like its still going strong.

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Anonymous said...

I've been watching PCS, I've also been watching Sprint. Sprint looks cheap right now but I'm wondering if they are going to be a good hold for the future...