August 21, 2011

Qaddafi Cornered, Libyan Rebels in Tripoli

It appears that the imminent fall of the Government in Libya headed by Moammar Qaddafi is just days away. Libyan Rebels pushed into the Capital, making their way to the center of Tripoli. It has been reported by several news agencies that the unit assigned to protect Qaddafi had surrendered to the Rebel forces and many have even switched sides in the six month long civil war. Although the Libyan Rebels have often claimed to be hours away from taking the capital, this time it appears that their claims can be backed by the situation on the ground. According to the Associated Press, the rebels claim to be moving into Tripoli and meeting little resistance along the way. It should be noted that the Rebel advance on the ground was coordinated with NATO Air Support, most likely giving the Rebels the decisive advantage in the battle. It was reported Qaddafi's son Seif al-Islam, had been arrested and taken into custody. Seif was thought at one time to be the heir to take the reins of government, after his father's rule.

A defiant Qaddafi was heard in an audio broadcast that was recently released, saying, "How come you allow Tripoli the capital, to be under occupation once again?. The traitors are paving the way for the occupation forces to be deployed in Tripoli." Interviews with Rebels on the ground, revealed that many believed the fall of Tripoli would occur in just hours. Fighting was reported in several neighborhoods all around Tripoli as what was left of the crumbling Qaddafi forces, fought the lighting fast rebel advance. Earlier in the day, a major military base just outside the capital had fallen into rebel hands who claimed they confiscated military hardware that they could use in the push to control Tripoli. Rebels said they were just one and a half miles away from the iconic "Green Square" where supporters of the Qaddafi regime often gathered in defiance, broadcasting images around the world of the Libyan leader's supporters. Capturing this square, would be a significant psychological blow to the government, and may even signal its impending collapse. As news of the Rebel's advance on Tripoli spread, celebration in the streets were seen across Libya.

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