February 7, 2011

Nasdaq Breached as Reported by NY Times

A few nights ago, I was awake doing some research. I glanced at the Yahoo news at one point and saw an Article about the Nasdaq systems being hacked. The article was a bit vague with not much details. Today, the NY Times did a story on it and was much more forth coming with information and details. Apparently, the Nasdaq has been breached several times during the last year. The Justice Department became involved with an investigation and told Nasdaq officials not to tell their customers, while they conducted their investigation. The Report says the trading systems themselves weren't hacked but other services such as investor relations segments were. Here is the Article I read in NY Times Today on the Nasdaq breach: NY Times - Nasdaq Breach. I find it Interesting how the Justice Department wanted customers to not be told when the breaches were first discovered.

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