February 9, 2011

New York Business Section Measures SP100 Index

The New York Times Business Section Prints the Prices and Performances of the 100 Companies in the S&P100 Index. This Index is a bit more Refined than the More Widely Followed, S&P500 Index. The 100 Index, is made up of larger companies that lie within the 500 Index. This Data is Available except, on Mondays (Because the Markets are closed the day Before). What's Great is that They Print Little Symbols to Represent When a Stocks is at New Highs or at New Low points During a 52 Week or Year to Date Time Frame. Those are the Stocks to Watch Closely Because They're the Ones Closest to Breaking out of a Range, Marking Clearly What Direction They're Going.

You'll See Patterns When Seeing that List Every Day. For Example, I now See Blue Chip Type Stocks Making a New Highs or Lows. There Emerges Patterns That Can Only be Observed Through Time and Study, Analyzing and Recording What You See or Feel When in this Field. For Example, Just Today I Noticed from the List of 100, that the Ones that Had the New Highs, Where Blue Chip Type of Stocks. Like GE is an Example, or Boeing. Stocks I have been Watching for Years Have Hovered Somewhere in the Middle of the New Lows and New High Symbols, are Now Showing up Day after Day with a Little Symbol Showing its Press Upward. The Fascinating Aspect of All of this is that Those Leaders Will Change Over Time. There will Be Leaders, but New Leaders will Replace them Eventually. Finding Which Ones is the Goal, Making a Move Before its Popularity has Become Obvious, is the Art.

There Will Come a Point, When Large Position Holders Will be the Ones Selling the Stock to the Public. Once the Buying Power is Gone and the Former Holders are Out, the Stock Price will Fall From a Lack of Demand. Navigating, Discovering, Researching, Learning, Experiences, Seem to Join Together and Helps in Realizing How Interrelated these Markets can Be. Investing Means Staying Sharp, Seeing Patterns and Recognizing them is Very Interesting with Stock Prices.

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