March 28, 2011

Investing for Beginners Moves Forward

Investing for Beginners Website
The Investing for Beginners site is about a quarter of the way done. It has been plenty of research and hours of writing, editing, and designing. I have thoroughly enjoyed the research and the creativity that goes into making a website. Some of the pages I have come back to and re-written. Throughout the day, I begin to get ideas for what type of content to write or what pages to add, edit or change. I wanted to create a captivating feel with my home page. Investing is exciting, trading is exhilarating and I love the challenge. I wanted to reflect those passions on my home page. I like the new look better as it speaks more to what this investing world is really about, mysterious and fascinating. I continue to read the newspapers each morning and will try to blog more often. Working on the website has kept me away from both blogging or tweeting but I plan to apply more time to these areas as I enjoy sharing knowledge and collaborating with others interested in the field of investing.

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