March 22, 2011

Jesse Livermore and Stock Trading Quotes

Jesse Livermore was a Trading Genius from the early 20th Century. He was able to master the movement of stock and commodity prices and with this unique and gifted ability, he was able to make millions in the Stock Market. Of course when inflation is factored in, Mr. Livermore would have been the equivalent of a Billionaire at the height of his trading career. The man was enigmatic and extremely private. He gave interviews to the newspapers but his trading style remained a mystery. In 1940, Mr. Livermore published a book, "How to Trade in Stocks." We find a lot of his trading wisdom laid out in this classic investing book. His blueprint for trading in the stock market applies today in so many ways. He was under the impression that Humans were the ones that moved markets. Emotions like fear and greed could cause major sell offs or major bull markets. The mastery of knowing which side of the market to play, and when to enter or exit a trade, was sheer genius on the part of Mr. Livermore. Learn more about Jesse Livermore On the Investing for Beginners website or reading his quotes on trading the right type of stocks: Jesse Livermore Quotes

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